Signature Status


The below text can also be found in the Yearbook and Membership Roster booklet (page 24).


Signature Members

Members must earn eight (8) points before they are awarded a Signature Status in GCWS. This category recognizes members who consistently enter as well as win awards at GCWS Juried Shows. A plaque is presented to the new Signature Members at the end of the season to those who achieve this status.The letters GCWS may be added to your painting after you achieve signature statues.

Platinum Signature Members

Platinum Signature Status is to recognize our members who have consistently excelled by taking the top four awards in our Juried Shows. To acquire this new level, one must accumulate a total of 10 points. The point system will follow our point system for Signature Membership but will not include Merit, Honorable Mentions or Judge’s Recognitions. Over the years our requirements to achieve Signature Status have changed therefore we are making it retroactive to allow for changes made.



Signature Members: Members must earn eight (8) points before they are awarded Signature Status in GCWS.


Points are awarded as follows:

  • Best in Show - 5 points

  • First Place - 4 points

  • Second Place - 4 points

  • Third Place - 3 points

  • Merit Award - 2 points

  • Honorable Mention - 2 points

  • Judge’s Recognition - 1 point

  • One-half (.50) point will be awarded for the Emerging Artist Award retroactive to January 2009. 

  • One-quarter (.25) point will be awarded per person, per acceptance into a juried show. Not retroactive.  Award points are in addition to the one-quarter (.25) point. 

  • Members Show awards no points.

  • Florida Focus and Apparently Watercolor are judged and juried.

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