The Lilian Feldman
"Best in Show Award"

     There is no better or more respected way to be remembered for your life's work. And there is no greater proof than to have your family–your own children in fact, honor that for which you have dedicated your life's work.   

     That's exactly what artist Lilian Feldman's two sons, Russ and Scott Feldman, created for this Signature Member of Gold Coast Watercolor Society when she reached her 90th birthday. In 2006 her sons created an endowment as a celebration of Lilian's life.

     We at Gold Coast Watercolor Society were so fortunate to have known Lilian, a prolific artist in many media well into her nineth decade.

     Although Lilian passed away in 2011, the initial gift will provide $500 for the "Best in Show Award" for each of Gold Coast Watercolor Society's three major exhibits each year. The fund has been endowed for a minimum of 10 years although Lilian’s family and friends added additional funds.

     This is the first major gift providing long-term ongoing support to Gold Coast Watercolor Society and it is the hope of the Feldman family that it
will be a catalyst to other friends of the Society to establish their own endowed funds.

     Lilian studied at Cooper Union and the Pratt Institute and under Harry Sternberg. In the late 1970s she moved to South Florida where she continued working in oils, watercolors and acrylics as well as various media including fabric art, papier mache and copper enameling as well as computer graphics.

     Lilian's art and murals are held in many private collections. She exhibited in more than 87 venues.

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