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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
7:00 pm

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Tuesday, May 18, 2021
7:00 pm

Join us on Zoom from the comfort and safety of your own home


Watch demo replay with Kathleen Mooney NWS

Abstraction – Leave Room for MORE

Click the link to watch the first hour or download to your computer to watch the entire video

Kathleen Mooney will demonstrate painting choices that maximize connections in her art making.  Elements are freely explored by fully populating the surface. Loading similarities and differences of line, shape, color and pattern is exciting and yes, often dangerous. What brings it all back to a curated view with intrigue, balance and interest?  Judicious application of water, pigment and timing.  Big shapes, layers and direction… and leaving room for MORE. 

If you ever wanted to know WHAT ABSTRACTION CAN OFFER YOU - please join us for this intriguing demonstration.

kathleen Mooney.jpg

Kathleen’s portfolio is on Adobe Behance.

More information is on her website

Signature Status –

ISEA – International Society of Experimental Artists - ISEA - NF Nautilus Fellowship / ISEA - MF Masters Fellowship 2019

NWS – National Watercolor Society

ISAP – International Society of Acrylic Painters 

Signature Designer for Foreign Accents Rugs 2014 - 2018, Albuquerque, NM 

Consumer Product Designer – Art of Where, Montreal, Canada

Consumer Product Designer – Society6, Santa Monica, CA

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Past Meetings and Demos 

Recordings of Zoom meetings are made available for playback. However, only the first 60 minutes will play without downloading to your local computer or putting it into your own dropbox. A personal Dropbox is FREE giving you 2G of space, plenty of space for at least one of our recordings. You can delete them in your dropbox to make room for future storage.

Watch recording of Demo with Mark Mehaffey AWS, NWS, TWSA

Click the link to watch the first hour or download to your computer to watch the entire video

Tuesday, March 16, 2021
7:00 pm

Watch Demo Replay with Carolyn McGowan

(download the file to listen to more than 1 hour)
Demonstration making two styles of Artist Books, also called a zine or handmade journal, created from a single sheet of paper. 


A sheet of paper and scissors are really all that is needed.  A self-healing cutting mat, sharp knife, bone folder, straight edge/ruler and doubled sided tape are helpful tools to also have on hand.  These are great uses for those "unsuccessful" (or rather potential yet to be realized) paintings that you can bring back to life with a new purpose.  


Native Cincinnati Ohioan, Carolyn McGowan works in finance, while also feeding her creative appetite as a mixed media artist through painting, art journaling, making books, photography and travel.  Carolyn’s love of art began at a young age when she won the fire prevention poster contest at age 10.  She explored photography in college as a member of the yearbook staff and later owned a pottery studio.  Her love of art was re-ignited after reuniting with her biological mother and grandmother who are both artists. Her free time is often spent in her studio painting, creating mixed media projects, making handmade books, playing in her art journal, and making YouTube videos.  She has a passion for upcycling and repurposing items while also experimenting with new techniques and exploring different art genres.  She hopes to inspire and influence the lives of others through sharing her art.  As a board member of The Arts Alliance, she helps bring arts to her community.  She also exhibits at outdoor art fairs, teaches workshops (Taft Museum and The Arts Alliance), and is a member of the Cincinnati Book Arts Association.


Learn more about Carolyn on YouTube, Instagram, FaceBook, Pinterest and her website

Tuesday, February 16, 2021
7:00 pm

Join us on Zoom from the comfort and safety of your own home


Watch Meeting and Demo with Steve Rogers

Join Steve Rogers AWS, NWS for this quick demo on discovering the pure Joy of painting intuitive Abstract Painting with Golden Fluid Acrylics and Watercolor Pencils and Crayons. Letting go and realizing that there are no rules depends entirely on understanding Design and Color Theory and he will give a brief intro to illustrate this as well as a quick fun painting.  

Lot Dordogne Series - Domaine du Haut Ba
Tuesday, January 19, 2021
7:00 pm

Join us on Zoom from the comfort and safety of your own home


Watch the Meeting & Demo with Christine Landis

Christine Landis will be presenting a demo of her process that she has developed over the years in her representational watercolor work. She will discuss how she chooses what to paint and how to simplify a reference while still incorporating lots of detail.

Landis140zzz small.jpg
landis138zzz small.jpg

M. Christine Landis was born in Dallas, Texas in 1959 and currently resides in Florida. She is a self-taught artist and muralist. Christine works predominantly with paint in all its incarnations. Her watercolors have won awards and have been exhibited on both local and national levels. She has published many videos on her YouTube channel teaching how to draw and paint a variety of subjects.


Several Impressionist era artists have influenced her perspective and she also enjoys the work of many contemporary artists whom she follows online. Her own technique has been developed with high attention to detail, and typically incorporates lots of layering.


In her work Christine strives to present the beauty she sees in the world around her, and the communion each of us have with our domain and its other inhabitants. Her goal is to capture a sense of peace, contentment and rightness in her paintings, and she hopes that is what people take from her art.


“I am fascinated by the colorful life and the beautiful natural ebb and flow between subject and medium, the way the marks on the page become the people, places and things that create a specific feeling or moment in time on the canvas.”


Christine is a member of the National League of American Pen Women – Ft. Lauderdale Chapter, the Gold Coast Watercolor Society, the Delray Art League, and the Coconut Creek Guild of Art and Literature.  •  •  954.654.4463  •

Tuesday, December 15, 2020
7:00 pm

Join us on Zoom from the comfort and safety of your own home

Watch Recording of Demo with Antonio Masi


The demo this evening will focus on values and color.  What is their relationship?  Knowing and being able to control this principle will help our work from becoming spotty.




Antonio Masi, is President of The American Watercolor Society and has had feature articles in The Artist’s Magazine, PBS – “Sunday Arts”, NBC-TV “Weekend Today in New York”. Newsday feature in Aug. 2008, “Bridgemaster”, and in June 2009 a solo exhibition for The New York Centennial Commission of the Queensboro Bridge, and in 2010 a solo show at The Forbes Gallery in New York City, ant The New York City Transit Museum in 2012, also at The Salmagundi Club of New York and The New York Times video, Sept. 2014 titled, “Living City: A Tale of Two Bridges”.


Fordham University Press published a book on his paintings titled, “New York’s Golden Age of Bridges” and “Lady Liberty”, with essays by Joan Marans Dim. 


He prefers watercolor even though it is a thin medium, it organically allows expression of the most delicate subjects. But he discovered that watercolor can also be used in a thick manner, and it therefore can express the heaviest subjects imaginable.